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What's this all about?

When I was a kid there was a pond at the bottom of the hill at the end of our road. It was called Turtlespond by everyone young and old. This was where we hung out. We caught frogs, fish, snakes and turtles there. We hunted small game in the surrounding woodland. Our mothers gathered wild flowers and plants to bring home for their gardens. Our fathers came down with us to ice skate in the winter.

In the summer it was quiet and smelled of undisturbed life stretching back into time. In the winter there was laughter, shouting and the smell was of fresh fallen snow and wollen mittens drying over open fires.

Turtlespond is now just a memory, erased by modern development and here on the other side of the world I have to resort to things like fiddling around with this website to keep me out of trouble ......well almost.

Herein you will find a bit of this, that and the other thing as well as some Linux and Slackware related pages. I'll be upgrading this site after a period of neglect. If you are returning you may not find what your looking for but have a look anyway. I'll be adding some new stuff as well.

Thanks for stopping by. There's no guest book here but if you have come this far and have a burning desire to contact me just use rickmiles at this domain (without the "www.", Linda!)

......And! If you're planning a trip to New Mexico don't miss your chance to stay at the best Bed and Breakfast in Albuquerque, Adobe Nido. My sister Sarah, and her husband, Rol, run the place. Sarah's blog, Albuquerque Insights, is full of interesting stuff about New Mexico.


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